Usually when I see an email from Eshakti, I glance and then trash it. I get so many "50%" or "Buy 2 get 1 free" emails from them, that I know when I want to buy something, there will be some type of sale.

But today was different, the email came into my box at 6am with the subject: Your 40 dollar gift coupon ends today. I'm guessing it must have came into my email a few times and been deleted, unread and unseen. I clicked it open, and saw that it's a code for $40 off a purchase. I immediately sought out the fine print and found that nothing was restricted. Hmm, I thought, I bet every item on the site is OVER $40.

Off to I went, while none of the normal items were under $40, they had a large 40% clearance section that did have 2-3 pages of items under $40.


I ended up getting this beautiful dress, completely FREE. I didn't even have to pay shipping. I love the ribbon neck (I have a sundress from them in the same style neck) and the blue color is also one of my favorites right now.

I'm not sure if they were sending these codes out to everyone or not, but if you are subscribed to or have ordered from them before, check your email and get yourself a free dress <3