Welcome to The Curvy Style Files, a blog that will focus on all aspects of plus size fashion.

The Curvy Style Files aims to be interactive space and community blog. While I will be uploading regular content such as sales, store reviews, clothing hauls, outfits of the week, and lots of other fun fashion articles, it's also a space for YOU. A space where you can share your questions, your fabulous finds, and any other fashion related content.

Starting this blog has been on my mind for quite a while, a lot of the blogs I read are full of sponsorships, or high priced items, or just feel remote and inaccessible. I kept thinking to myself, there are so many wonderful Groupthink/Jezebel/Gawker users that could help create a true plus size community.

So it's with much excitement and joy that I welcome you to the Curvy Style Files!

If you'd like authorship on the blog, please comment below. Also, I'd like to have 1 or 2 other moderators besides myself just incase there is a need shoo trolls away, so if a moderator position interests you, mention it in your comment.


Finally, please let me know in the comments what types of original content you'd like to read!

Cheers and remember: