What's Black, White, and Round all over???


In this super comfortable black & white geometric print dress from ASOS.com.

I find that this type of dress is perfect for hump day for a few reasons:

  1. It needs no accessorizing, you can just wake up, pull it over your head, throw on flats, boom, done.
  2. The fabric is light weight but is still think enough to hide flaws without needing to pull out your spanx or seamless underwear (go ahead, pair it with period panties, it's FINE!)
  3. Even though you're tired as shit and hit snooze an extra 30 minutes, everyone will think you put SO MUCH EFFORT into your outfit. Just take the compliment :)
  4. Bloated? No problem. Gained a few pounds? No problem. This dress will always fit.
  5. Heading out for dinner after work? Add a necklace, some mascara, & red lipstick. INSTANT GLAM!

What is your go to dress when the work week still seems about 10000000 days too long till Friday? Show (or tell) in the comments <3