Celebrate Your Inner Plus Size Fashionista!
Celebrate Your Inner Plus Size Fashionista!

Thinking of creating a Youtube Beauty/Style Channel

Okay, I've been pondering this for a while. About creating a plus size centric beauty and style youtube channel, where I'd do video reviews of makeup and clothing.

But...I just don't know. First, it totally would doxx me, what if a coworker watched it? Also, not sure if people would watch, the youtube beauty guru market is pretty over-saturated.


Yet, I would like a way to release my creativity besides just writing, and I believe this may be it. Plus, being in a video would force me to become more comfortable with myself. I won't lie, I am VERY photogenic in photos, but I have insecurities that I'm not as attractive in person or on camera, I'd like to work towards getting more secure in those areas. It would also be nice to have the practice "public speaking" since I do a lot of that for my job, but tend to tear myself apart for any filler words that I use or pauses, you know the drill.

So thoughts? Warnings? Ideas on what to name my channel?

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