Celebrate Your Inner Plus Size Fashionista!

I've Got a Fever

And the only prescription is more eShakti!

Seriously, though, guise. Guise? I think I have a problem. Stop me before I buy another cute dress!


Here are the ones I bought, and the corresponding codes below in case you catch my fever somehow and want to take advantage of any number of ridiculous eShakti discounts sitting in your inbox:

Blue tulle number: CL0033764

Black sheath dress: CL0028309

Black/red fit-flare: CL0026261

I switched out the neckline on the blue and black/red dresses to a wide V neckline because my face shape needs that.


Anyway, head over eShakti way if you see something you like here and want to be twinsies with me. (I love twinsies!)

Go forth and fox it up, ladies! (And post pictures - I'm sure you look reeeal fine in that, girl!)


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