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Eloquii Try On Video: Part 2 Tops/Skirts

I finally finished recording and uploading Part 2 of trying on my Eloquii haul. While the first video focused on dresses, this video focuses on tops and skirts (no pants, sorry not sorry, ha).

It was definitely easier to film and put this one up on YouTube then my first video. I think that can be contributed to the positive response I've gotten from all of you and people on YouTube. Not a single negative comment yet (knock on wood) and while I'd like to say I have thick skin, it's actually pretty thin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, the only outfit I felt really uncomfortable in was the "Spring Fling" one. The green skirt, IMO, is just too tight & that vest is hideous (I didn't buy the vest, Eloquii just added it to my box for some reason, most likely to get rid of it, haha). I'll wear the shirt, because it's silky and comfortable, but not with that skirt/vest combo. I REALLY wanted to erase it from the video, because I felt it highlighted all my flaws. I finally talked myself into keeping it in, it's good to see that not every outfit is flawless or fits perfectly. Some things you buy online are just duds, as that skirt was.


It also alerted me to the fact that as much as I love my body and am comfortable in it, the first word I used to describe the "Spring Fling" outfit was the term "flaws". There is still a part of me that sees my bigger belly, tight in the skirt, and thinks, that it is a flaw. Wow. What an eye opener. Instead of just thinking "eh, I don't like the way I look or feel in this outfit", I thought "I am flawed in this outfit". It showed me a level of insecurity that I didn't realize I still had, and it's something I'm going to have to process more.

TL;DR: I filmed a new video, it wasn't as hard as filming the first one, but did bring up insecurities.

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