Okay, Curvy Stylers and GTers, I've wanted to create a YouTube channel for months now, but I kept letting fear get in the way. I finally took the plunge and created a channel yesterday.

I have two videos up, one a weekly makeup basket, and the other is a Plus Size Look Book of my favorite outfits I wore in the Fall/Winter of this year.

Feel free to check it out (and if you like it, please comment, subscribe & give me a thumbs up, that will help the Youtube share my videos with more folks).

Also, give me feedback on how the videos are: Am I stumbling too much, do I need more editing, better camera, talk slower/faster, etc. Any advice or constructive criticism is welcome! I want to improve :)

Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me to start a channel even when I was nervous <3

Here are the two videos that I posted:

Fall & Winter 2014 Plus Size Look Book

My Weekly Makeup Basket

Here is my main channel page:

Another GiGi's Curvy Style Files