Hello Fashionistas!

I am so thankful it's Friday, what a long week. There were a few days I didn't make it out of my PJs, if I am honest, and my face saw more days without makeup then with. But, it is what it is :)

Today though, I got out of bed, showered, and got dressed. Woohoo for adulting. Then my amazing hairstylist (if you are in the bay area and looking for a great stylist, let me know), added 22 inch copper hair extensions to my head. I love them, so so much. I feel like a Princess/Mermaid/Unicorn all wrapped in one. I have been trying to grow my hair out for several years, but it's been slow going due to illness & medications that cause my hair to fallout/break/thin.

So I saved up for these extensions, which with proper care should last a year. They are held in with surgical tape and it's much more comfortable then the old style I had where the hair was sown into a tight braid.

Below is my new hair and of course my outfit of the day! Feel free to share any part of your style from the last week! Hair, clothing, accessories, deals, whatever <3

PS: For those of who've requested articles, I haven't forgot about you, still working on them!


PPS: Shirt is from Forever 21 in a 3X and Skirt is from Eloquii in a 22.

Sparkle & Shine <3