I decided to film a YouTube video of me trying on several of the outfits I recently purchased from Eloquii.com. I'd expected it to be easy-peasy, just put the clothing on, preen in front of the camera, edit, and be done. So I was caught off guard when it brought up insecurities, I found myself reviewing the footage and critiquing my body.

I'd look at an outfit and think to myself "eww, that roll" or "my arms are monstrous!" I told myself there was no way I was going to post the video because all the clothes looked so horrendous on me (or I looked horrendous). I'm usually pretty confident (we all have our bad days) but in general I love my body and think I look beautiful (even if most of the world wouldn't agree). So it broke me a little bit to find my head whisper nasty thoughts to my body.

I decided to just push through it and continue editing the footage. The more I looked at my self on the film, the less I saw my flaws and the more I began to enjoy creating the video again. I remember reading an article a long time ago (maybe on Jezebel or GroupThink?) that said the more people are exposed to other body types, the more comfortable they become with them. I totally found that to be true when creating this video. By the time I was done editing and ready to upload, I had once again found my groove and felt good about my outfits (though I do believe that some of the dresses look better the others, which is a whole other post about body shape and what flatters different shapes). I was still a bit anxious putting the video out in the world, so instead of hitting publish right away, I scheduled it to publish while I was sleeping, that way I would wake up to the video already being out there in the world.

TL;DR: I made a video of me trying on different outfits, the video is below.