Celebrate Your Inner Plus Size Fashionista!

DIY-kini ideas?

Hey y'all - after reading that post that StudentOfLife shared about the woman who's fat and happy, I got really inspired to knit my own bikini.

A little backstory: when I was 14, I stayed with my sister in Idaho, and because it was Boise and summer, basically the only thing to do was go to the pool. I'd failed to pack a suit. So she sized me up and was like, "I have one that might fit you."

And she brought out this amazing knit (and lined) white bikini that made my 14-year-old tan skin positively glow.


I'll never forget that moment, because it was the first time (and the last time, for a while) that I looked at my body in the mirror and was like, "Damn, girl! You fine!"

So I'm going to make another bikini because damn girl, I fine.

APPARENTLY (said in the Apparently Kid voice), knitting a bikini is only slightly more complicated than knitting a scarf. And it takes like half the time, depending on how itsy bitsy you make your bikini. So I'm putting this out there: How do you feel about bikinis? How do you feel about YOU in a bikini? Do you like knitting? Are you down to knit yourself a bikini?

Bikini. Bikini. Bikini. I just like saying it. Bikini.

Also, I'm a little hung over. So sorry for saying "bikini" a million times.

Edit: miscredited the Fat and Happy share to Falling, originally. Sorry. #hungover

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